Gronk is Making it Harder to Think He's NOT Retiring for Join the WWE

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Gronk NationIn a new interview with ABC 15 in Phoenix, Mojo Rawley — the most hyped man anywhere — shared the life path that took him from the NFL to WWE.

Having been signed by the Green Bay Packers as an undrafted free agent defensive lineman in 2009, Rawley (whose real name is Dean Muhtadi) was on the Arizona Cardinals when a calf injury sidelined his football career.

He was going to abandon pro sports all together and take a job at Merrill Lynch until  … Papa Gronk a.k.a. Gordy Gronkowski Sr. offered to introduce him to WWE veteran Mike “I.R.S.” Rotunda, who was his college roommate at Syracuse University. …

Following the “no days off” philosophy preached by Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots, Mojo will be … on “SmackDown Live” next Tuesday from L.A.’s Staples Center, airing live on USA Network at 8 p.m. ET. And keep an eye out in the crowd for Gronk, ‘cos you never know when he’s going to show up to cheer his best buddy.

Sweet Jesus, what a thing to wake up to. Here I am, still not finished trying to unlock the cryptic puzzle box that was Gronk’s Tweet about “Forseee [sic] your future” and start your destiny or whatever the hell he was saying. Then yesterday afternoon he fires off a random WWE slogan. And this morning it’s this love letter to his bestie, Mojo Rawley.

Yesterday I compared it to figuring out the DaVinci Code. But I’m more like Brad Pitt in Se7en. Though who am I shitting? I’m Morgan Freeman in Se7en. One step behind John Doe, trying to decipher his clues and determine where he’ll strike next.

Naturally every media member in Boston is playing up the “Gronk is gone. He’s retiring to the WWE and then Vince McMahon will make him the star of the XFL” angle. Because it’s a requirement of the job. They’ve always got to be playing on people’s fears and creating Boogeymen even when they don’t exist. Fortunately I don’t have to play those games. Barstool’s relationship with our audience is built entirely on trust and not on fear tactics.

So I’d love to counter all that noise by reassuring everyone this is all a sick fantasy and this off-season Gronk will be no more involved in entering the squared circle with Mojo Rawley than he’s ever been. And it does seem idiotic to me that he’d leave his sport at the height of his power, fame and popularity to go make a fraction of that doing 200 wrestling dates a year. But I got nothing to go on. No one is saying anything. There is no news. Other than Rob’s Tweets and articles like this on his family’s website. Plus everyone else’s wild speculation. But the Gronkowskis are calculating and savvy enough to be fully aware of the impression all this is giving the world. Maybe this is all just leverage to get a contract with more guaranteed money out of the Patriots. But maybe it’s something much more ominous. We’re all just pulling assumptions out of our cracks.

I still say it’s more probable than not (pardon my language) that Gronk is standing on the Patriots line of scrimmage next September. But that probability goes down with every post.