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A Ref Calling Chris Paul Out Of Bounds Because He High Fived James Harden's Mom While Running Out The Clock At The End Of The Game – Fair Or Foul?

We can all agree this is an absolute try-hard move by the ref, right? Yeah I know that this is pretty much following the letter of the law to a tee and blah blah blahhhh. But if the NBA wanted everything to be exact, wouldn’t they hire those killer robots that Boston Dynamics is churning out as refs and use replay for every call? There needs to be a little human element in the game. Nobody gives a shit about the game once the losing team has conceded. Players are hugging, fans are heading toward the exits, and James Harden himself was probably pinching Google Maps on his phone to find the closest strip club to Salt Lake City.

I mean can you imagine if CP3 left James Harden’s mom hanging because he didn’t want to turn the ball over in a clear win? That’s the most disrespectful thing a teammate can do to another teammate that doesn’t involve pulling a Delonte West. Poor Mrs. Harden sitting in the front row looking like Nate for millions to see on TV and once it went viral, on the internet?

Shameful! Chris Paul did what he had to do and the ref calling him on it was just wrong. Let he who has not been left hanging blow the first whistle. On the bright side, I bet Joey Crawford busted a nut when he heard that whistle blare.

Also I did a bunch of research on whether or not any lines were effected by this because we live in the post-Donaghy Era and it seems like no money would have transferred hands if the Jazz scored to end the game. Nothing beats a good NBA gambling conspiracy.

Final Verdict: