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I Just Moved This LAPD Police Dog To The Top Of My Draft Board

What incredible straight line speed. So fast Al Davis’ casket just shook a little because he’s trying to race to the phones to draft this guy. Buddy thought he could run into this business complex and hide to get the heat off him, he had the doors in his sights, and that’s when the Deion Sanders of K9s hit R2 and bagged his perp. You don’t see that kind of come-from-behind speed every year. That’s generational talent you might need to trade up to secure. Minkah Fitzpatrick and Bradley Chubb were considered the top defensive prospects in this Draft until this video surfaced. Now the Browns have their answer as to who they should take at #4. You put Officer Scruffy next to Jabril Peppers 40 yards away from the line of scrimmage and you’re never letting anything get behind your defense for the next decade plus.

Sidenote – was the guy calling this chase in the getaway car with the dude? Never heard someone give a play-by-play of a police chase and audibly groan every time the getaway car hit something. Very strange. But it’s tough to fully knock his call when he NAILED the dog coming into the picture and making this play.