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20 Million Packets Of Szechuan Sauce Flooded Back Into Our Lives Today... But Should Rick & Morty Fans/Anyone Really Be Celebrating?

(IndyStar) – McDonald’s promises to have 20 million cups of the teriyaki sauce to give away with qualifying purchases at all its locations nationwide. That’s a marked change from Oct. 7, 2017, which saw a limited number of the sauce cups distributed at only a handful of “select” stores.

McDonald’s says the promotion will last “while supplies last.” If divided evenly, each of the approximately 14,000 restaurants in the U.S. will receive about 1,400 cups of the sauce. However, it won’t work like that in reality: Stores with higher traffic and sales will get more cups, while smaller stores will get fewer.

Introduced in 1998 as part of a promotion for Disney’s “Mulan” and discontinued later that year, McDonald’s Szechuan sauce returned to the public eye when it became a plot point in a 2017 episode of Adult Swim’s “Rick & Morty.”

And thus ends one of the strangest and most feverish phenomenons of our generation aka THAT GODDAMN SAUCE MORRRRRTY, I’M GONNA GET ALL THAT MULAN NUGGET SAUCE IT’S MY ONE ARMED MAN MORRRTY…

20 million packets of Szechuan are now dripping across every inch of America to please those who need it most. In this case, fans of a 20 year old animated movie and/or anyone that watches Rick & Morty religiously (as they should). I’m glad this story got a happy ending because the whole Mulan sauce revolution was brutal to watch unfold in real time slash very nearly made Rick & Morty jump the shark for good too…

Although the previous release on October 7th was under supplied and over sold, this time Mickey D’s had all the flavored dominoes lined up. Really they were somehow too prepared, because even as a diehard fan myself, I had NO idea this mass release was coming until Clem blogged it from the clouds earlier today. No crowds, no riots, and apparently no flavor either?

(Eater) – Holding it up to the light, I could see the sauce was the color and consistency of strawberry jelly, as a drop slid off my finger and splatted on the table. Flecked with some indiscernible spice, it proved jaw achingly sweet when I licked my finger. Alas, the Szechuan sauce had no heat that I could discern. It tasted mainly like corn syrup with maybe a tiny bit of Worcestershire thrown in.

In the 1970s, when the cuisine was first introduced to American cities in restaurants that then identified as Szechuan, the signature dish was baby shrimp in Szechuan sauce, and the dish was gooey and sweet and not very hot. But nearly five decades down the road our ideas about Szechuan (now spelled “Sichuan”) have been transformed, and we expect it to be heavy on the chile oil, dried red chiles, green fresh chiles and, especially, Sichuan peppercorns, a lip-tingling spice that was technically illegal here from 1968 to 2005.

And other flavors like cumin and cilantro should be been present, too. All of these things and more, McDonald’s Szechuan sauce totally lacks, at least to my taste. You might just as well pour this Szechuan sauce on pancakes.

So in SHOCKING turn of events, the 20 year old limited-time sauce made by a fast food chain and brought back to life SOLELY by the incoherent ramblings of a brilliant yet incredibly drunk and lonely scientist during a time traveling mind interrogation… It’s… it’s actually bad?!

Smug pompous-fuck food reviewers not named Clem aside, I’m withholding my judgment on this here sauce for now. Maybe it’s because Rick’s speech still inspires me to this day or maybe it’s because 4 years on the Blackout Tour taught me to appreciate every type of gutter trash meal available on this spinning rock of dirt. Either way I’m just happy there are kids out there dropping schmeckles on the kind of sauce that doesn’t melt your brain and most importantly leaving the riots to the good people of Philadelphia.

As long as the funny cartoons I enjoy are supported, I don’t give a heck about anyone’s health or well-being really. Shout out to the brain melting sauce for that sheer unmitigated clairvoyance… Just waiting for that inter-dimensional portal technology now. Could absolutely settle for a Meeseeks box though.

meeseeks battle

PS: Never give up on your dreams and always encourage your own dementia kids. This is the test pilot that eventually became Rick & Morty as we know it. Aw jeez, sucking balls, aw jeez.