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Chris Long Stood Atop Mt. Kilimanjaro In An Underdog Mask (For A GREAT Cause) Because He Is The Lord Of All Creation

#HighAltitudeDog. Chris Long > You. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but let’s not kid ourselves here. Facts are facts. You think the man of all men would be complete with winning his second Super Bowl in as many years all while donating his entire year’s salary to charity. Nope. The Eagles DE is scaling some of the world’s biggest mountains in the name of making this planet a better place for all. This is the second time Chris Long has ventured up to the top of Africa’s highest point for the “Waterboys” initiative, which is geared to bringing clean water to East African communities in need. Like, actual life changing stuff. Our very own Big Cat was offered to make the voyage along with Chris to the summit but unfortunately couldn’t break away from the blog life for the week+ long adventure. Tis a damn shame. Big Mountain Cat would’ve indeed been a site to behold.

Overall, it’s another great example of a Philadelphia Eagle just being a damn decent person. Here’s Good Guy Doug doing Good Guy things:

Rodney McLeod is getting hitched:

And we got Jason Kelce being, well, Jason Kelce.

Long live the Super Bowl Champs.