Get A Load Of This Lonely Old Man Blowing Rails Of Coke Right At The Bar

Good to see that Chris Foerster is doing well. Holy moly, be more nonchalant when blowing tootskies– you can’t! Whatever happened to using the toilet seat in the bathroom like a civilized human? This guy just lined up a couple rails ON THE COUNTER at what appears to be a diner (the chairs, the salt and pepper shakers, and the red paper placemats were the clues that led me to this conclusion). Who knows, maybe he’s trying to lose weight. Cocaine is a terrific way to stay disciplined and eat less than half your omelette.

I can’t wrap my head around how none of the staff spotted him doing this. Which makes me think that this place is totally cool with people doing hard drugs. Come on in for happy hour! Half-off appetizers and don’t forget to take home a souvenir tourniquet! We’ll provide the spoon for all your free-base needs!

The only other possibility is that he’s doing it so brazenly, so obviously, that people see what he’s doing but say “nah. That can’t be.” Hiding in plain sight. It’s like that scene from Band of Brothers when Lieutenant Speirs runs through enemy lines at Bastogne.

“At first, the bartenders didn’t stop him. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing. But that wasn’t the really astounding thing; the astounding thing was that after he blew his first line, he tapped out another tanker and offered it to the family in the booth nearby.”