How Do We Feel About The Get A Base Hit And Flip Off The Pitcher Down The First Baseline Move?

If you hate this move, then you’re a pussy. I’m sorry. You are. The only people who are offended by this move are A.) Old ass white dudes who cover the game or watch from their couches, while thumping their unwritten rules of the game, and B.) Pitchers who take themselves too seriously. Apparently umpires too, because this dude got ejected immediately afterwards. Worth it though, IMO.

And if you’ve never thought about doing this, then you’ve never never stepped in the batters box of an organized baseball game before at any level. A pitcher versus a batter is the biggest dick measuring contest in sports. Unless you’re talking about the rarity of a penalty shot in hockey, which I still don’t think really compares to this. In all of sports, there’s no better showdown of man versus man, power versus power than the pitcher versus batter dynamic.

A penalty shot is more a showcase of creativity, skill and quickness. A batter versus a pitcher is just straight up power versus power — I’m throwing as hard as I can and you’re swinging as hard as you can. Let’s see who looks like a champ and who looks like a chump. Sometimes you get a little carried away when you win that battle and you flip off the pitcher. Sometimes the pitcher wins that battle and you tell the batter to suck your dick. All is fair in love and war.