Daniel Cormier Screaming At Himself To Get In The Right Mindset For A Championship Fight Is Amazing

Man, I’m ready to fight for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship now. That was some intense shit! I can’t even fathom the pressure DC, or any fighter feels when put in that situation.

You’re backstage at the TD Garden, sold out, 16,000 people in attendance, 350,000 people watching around the world, and you’re about to step into the octagon in front of all of them. Across from you will stand a 205lb monster who knocked out his last two opponents in a combined minute and ten seconds that the UFC’s matchmakers have deemed your most fitting challenger, and you’re expected the beat him according to the oddsmakers. In your last fight, you were brutally KO’d by your greatest rival, and at 38 years old, many are wondering if this could be it for you. One more knockout like that and your illustrious career could be over. Really, try to imagine that? Can you? Because I can’t.

Daniel Cormier went on to absolutely dominate Volkan Oezdemir and pummel him into a TKO at 2:00 of the second round. He walked through all of his best shots, took him down, and was relentless in ground and pound, morally regaining the title he lost in July.

God I love this fucking sport.

P.S. How about the fearless Russian Eagle Khabib just laughing like “This fuckin’ guy is crazy”? Has he ever felt pressure in his life, or do you think when he fucked up a bear that all vanished?