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Arizona's Allonzo Trier Declared Ineligible by the NCAA


So, some major news breaking here as Arizona has a 9pm ET tip tonight. Allonzo Trier has been ruled ineligbile by the NCAA for testing positive for a banned substance. If you remember Trier missed about half of last year for the same thing. Trier tested positive for that in September of 2016, appealed and won, but the NCAA said he had to sit until everything was out of his system.

Trier has been a borderline All-American this year and Arizona’s second best player averaging a career high 19.6 ppg. He’s also shooting 43% from three and averaging over 3 rebounds and assists per game. This is a huge blow to an Arizona team that many thought would be a top-5 team this season. After struggling in the nonconference, Arizona seemed to have it figured out as its the favorite to win the Pac-12 and was named in the top-16 reveal a couple of Sunday’s ago.

Arizona’s official appeal reads as such:

“Earlier today, the University of Arizona was notified that the NCAA has declared Allonzo Trier ineligible. In late January 2018, Allonzo participated in an NCAA student-athlete screening. The results of that test, confirmed today, revealed the reappearance of a trace amount of a banned substance. The amount detected was miniscule by scientific standards and appears to be a remnant of a substance, which the NCAA has agreed, Allonzo had unknowingly ingested in 2016. The University is appealing the decision and is hopeful that Allonzo will regain his eligibility soon.”

As of now this is all we know, but I’ll update this as we find out more. I have no idea how quick the appeals process will take, because, well, it’s the NCAA. Arizona currently has three games left in the regular season before the Pac-12 Tournament.