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You Have To Respect The Resourcefulness Of This Soccer Player To Use The Corner Flag As Large Weaponry

Listen. Sometimes in life you are backed into a corner. Sometimes that’s in a literal sense. Sometimes it’s in a figurative sense. And sometimes it’s in a soccer sense where you’re actually backed into the corner of the field. Now when you’re backed into a corner, your “fight or flight” instincts immediately kick in. Do you surrender like a little bitch? Or do you realize the chips are stacked up against you but you continue to fight on anyway? Looks like we got our answer from this dude in Ecuador pretty quickly.


Resourcefulness. Ingenuity. Buddy didn’t even have to think twice about it. The moment he saw that all hell was breaking loose on the field, he knew exactly where to go to. This sure as shit wasn’t his first rodeo. This is a man who has needed to get himself out of many a jam or two during his career and he’s been battle tested before. You take a shot at the king, you best not miss or else you’re going to take a flag pole up the ass.

P.S. – Does Soccer Need Enforcers? I don’t think so. They just need more corner flags.