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Many People Are Saying They Wanna Have Sex With Me In 1999


Came across this picture of me and people are going wild for it. They are commenting on my naturally curly and highlighted hair. They are in a lather about my jawline.

In a measure of full disclosure, my jawline is great because I have an underbite. My parents couldn’t afford braces, so I was blessed with great non-smiling pictures and a shit show when I smiled.

I know that the process has already started but please do not jerk off on my picture. If you’ve already started, it’s fine. Finish. Just make it a one-time thing. I wouldnt want your stomach to hurt. Sometimes when I’m about to climax and I stop because I hear the UPS man knock, my belly hurts. Wouldnt that to happen to you guys.

Anyway, a few podfathers ago, I talked about doing some modeling at Hollister. This is what my hair looked like in that time period. Handsome!

Side note: if you dont listen to podfathers because you dont have kids, you should. We rarely talk about kids at this point. It’s just me and clem shootin the ole breeze. Come on in; the water’s warm.