Full Breakdown Of The Fore Play Boys' TV Debut On Golf Channel

Big time shoutout to our friends at Golf Channel. We’ve been cultivating a relationship with the folks over there for about 16 months now. We met a Morning Drive producer at the Waste Management and this appearance came from that. Golf Channel’s committed to putting out a cool, fun golf product and they do a great job trying new things. Throwing the Fore Play boys on television is clearly one of those things. And while Tiger was playing, no less!

Let’s get into it.

First, promo game on point.

We rolled into 30 Rock about 6:45 this morning to tape. Expected tons of commotion, people running in and out, flustered producers, stylists powdering our faces hurriedly. Nope. Nothing. It was literally just us two and YP sitting in a room for an hour while we waited for somebody to talk to us.

A lot of trust in the boys.

Eventually a voice popped up in our ear and Matt Ginella started asking questions. Huge props to Matt teeing us right up with Jason Day and all sorts of other good stuff.

Off and running.

I’ve always wanted to be Big Cat’ed.

Trent, no clue what to do with his hands. Not even close.

Avoided Picasso though. Well done.

They asked why this Tiger comeback was different so of course I had to hit them with the Fusion.

Interestingly, Golf Channel sort of invented the Fusion spiel.

Whatever, brick by brick.

Vintage one-liner from Cousin Murray.

The full segment will be available on GolfChannel.com a little later today. Keep your eyes peeled for that.

Next up, we’re spending the weekend at Cousin Mike’s condo in Del Boca Vista. It’s myself, Trent, YP, Cousin Murray, and Dave’s parents. Should be interesting.

Thanks to all who tuned in today. Hope to see some Stoolies/Playtrons at the Honda this weekend.