I Love This Canadian Chick Who REFUSED To Have A Silver Medal On Her Neck

Jocelyne Larocque can play for my team any day of the week, as long as she gets dual citizenship. Love this kinda fire in the belly, ripping that silver off like it’s kryptonite and it will slowly kill her while she’s in its presence. Jocelyne didn’t come all the way to Korea to get no second place! She’s a Canadian, winning gold at the Olympics is her birth right! She shouldn’t be forced to wear this participation trophy in front of the whole world!

I’m sure some people are freaking out about it and whining that she’s a sore loser, but good. I want sore losers. I don’t want people who will work four years then say “eh, oh well, good game, guys” when they lose in a skills competition. I love me an angry Canadian because they’re like basically unicorns, they’re mythical creatures, so when you’re lucky enough to catch a glimpse of one you really gotta appreciate it. Get mad, Canadian! Stay mad!