Marcus Vick Needs To Shut His Face On Twitter And Dom Brown Is An Unapologetic Asshat


Hey Marcus, shut the fuck up. Who in Philadelphia doesn’t appreciate Michael Vick? Nobody except for the blowhards on the radio, foster dog owners and hard core racists* actually think Foles should start over Vick. When he’s healthy he plays and if he played yesterday we win easily. There’s no doubt about that in my mind. Bottom line is he needs to shut the shit up for his brother’s sake. Not a good look when you’re trying to be all Ebony and Ivory, smiling from ear to ear at joint press conferences while your own blood is giving a Twit pissing on your teammates, team and fanbase.

And Dom Brown, you want to be a Cowboys fan? Fine. But to whip out your nuts and give a trolling teabag across the faces or millions of Philadelphians like this you better have played through a full season, let alone being the player we have expected to plow .300/30/120 each year.


*A lot of Philadelphia sports fans could fall in any one of those categories, so I kind of see your point, shittier Vick.