The Providence/Seton Hall Game Was Suspended Due to Unsafe Playing Conditions

So a bit of a crazy story on the court tonight and also a bit of a disaster. The Seton Hall/Providence game was suspended with just over 13 minutes to go. The reason? No one could keep their damn footing due to condensation on the court. Players were slipping all over the place and the refs finally stopped the game with Seton Hall up 56-47.

If I’m Kevin Willard and Seton Hall I’m beyond pissed off about this. To start, the condensation caused Desi Rodriguez to fall in the first half and leave the game to injury. There’s a good chance he doesn’t play tomorrow. Despite that, Seton Hall was playing well and now you break up the rhythm of the game and completely change it all. On top of that you now have to play in a different arena where it will be 100% Providence fans only? Get outta here with that. This game means too much to both teams, as they are in the NCAA Tournament but need to continue to keep getting wins. Simply put, this can’t happen at this level.

Just another weird ass story in college basketball.