Alshon Jeffery Played The Entire Season With A Torn Rotator Cuff, Is A Badass

What a baaaaad muddafucca. A rotator cuff is a weird injury because it is possible to play with a torn one. Antrel Roll played with two torn ones a few seasons ago with the Giants. I’m sure there have been other instances. But that doesn’t take away from the feat that Jeffery pulled.

There are so many Alshon memories that come to mind, all of which glow even brighter in retrospect with the news of his injury. The sideline catch against the Giants that set up the Jake Elliott 62 yarder.

The utter disrespect he showed against the 49ers.

His go-ahead touchdown against the Rams, which proved to be Carson’s final play of the season.

The sideline catch against the Falcons at the end of the first half after the miracle Torrey Smith catch that set up a crucial FG in a low scoring game. (Which isn’t on the internet for some reason.)

And of course his piece de resistance in the Super Bowl.

After all, Alshon called his shot. And he had to deliver.

Don’t it feel good.