Is It Ok To Throw Hotdogs At a Gas Station Employee's Face If He Won't Sell You Beer?

KTVU - A Central Florida man is behind bars after deputies say he was caught on video throwing hot dogs at a gas station attendant Friday.

Surveillance video shared by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office shows a man – identified by deputies as Cavan McDaniel – angrily knocking over a counter display at the Petro Gas Station on West Highway 318, then throwing hot dogs and even poking the clerk with a corn dog stick.

“The victim was left with a red mark under her eye due to the corn dog stick attack,” the sheriff’s office.

Deputies believe McDaniel, 35, was upset because the attendant would not sell him beer. He was arrested on a battery charge and remains in the Marion County Jail on no bond.


There are so many unanswered questions in this Universe. I spend so much time at night watching videos and reading articles about what we’re all doing doing here, the purpose of life on Earth, and what came first the chicken or the egg. Everyone knows the age old question- is it ok to throw hot dogs at someone if they refuse to sell you beer? And I think we finally have our answer- yes!

I don’t know if it gets more disrespectful than tossing a hot dog at a guy’s face and then poking him with a corndog stick. But at that point, the gas station clerk has to stand his ground. You can’t surrender at that point. If you decide you’re not selling a guy beer, you certainly cannot sell him beer after he is tossing hot dogs in your grill. So I respect the clerk for not backing down, but he also has to live with taking corn dog sticks to the face and pig intestines to the eye for the rest of his life. Rough.