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Self Proclaimed "King Of Shit Talk" Michael Rapaport AKA Litigation Mike AKA Marshmellow Mike Has Hired ANOTHER Lawyer To Sue Us Because We Hurt His Feelings

Ok I’ll admit it. Even I’m stunned at what a puss bag Michael Rapaport turned out to be. I feel like I’m usually a pretty good judge of character. I can usually tell when somebody is full of shit. But I was dead wrong on Marshmellow Mike. It’s not only that he is the softest dude I’ve ever met, but it’s that he’s full of shit. Like how about him going on Colin Cowherd today acting like he was the heavyweight champion of the world of shit talk? About how we can dish it but can’t take it. How he’s the baddest dude around. Meanwhile I can’t go 10 minutes without getting a new letter from yet another lawyer of his threatening to sue us because Marshmellow Mike’s feelings are hurt over our clown shirt. It’s insane. Is it about money? Is he desperate? I would have loaned him cash. I’d actually like to have him back on Barstool Radio because I’m fascinated what he’d say to my face. Would he turtle? Would he pretend nothing happened? Again I don’t hate the guy. It just sucks he turned out to be the biggest fraud I’ve ever met. Very disappointing. I’d like to believe in something one time.