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I Swear To God This Is Not A USA vs Czech Republic Olympic Hockey Quarterfinals Live Blog


In case you missed it, I wrote a blog earlier today detailing how I saved the USA men’s Olympic hockey team. Basically all it took for them to get good was for me to stop watching. While the boys were beating the shit out of Slovakia last night, I opted to watch The Office instead. Tonight USA plays the Czech Republic with a trip to the semifinals on the line. Will I be watching the game and live blogging the highlights?

Shit no.

Why? Because I’m a patriot. I will do what is best for my country even if that means that I need to sacrifice myself. Obviously I’d love to be watching the fellas tonight dangle their way to the semis. But that would be selfish of me. The name on the front of the jersey means a helluva lot more than the one on the back. So if I need to miss the game and watch The Office instead? Well then that’s what I’ll do.

With that being said… this is still a business and I’d very much enjoy getting some of the pageviews that I would have gotten before had I been live blogging this game. So in order to make this click worth it for you, here are a bunch of clips from The Office.