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Shoutout To These Two New York Troopers Who Bought A $700 Plane Ticket For A Distraught Young Woman Struggling To Get Home For Her Family Friend's Funeral Who Was Killed In The Florida High School Shooting

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There aren’t adequate words to express the pain I am feeling following the horrific act at my alma mater, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Upon hearing the news, I instantly departed to Florida to mourn the loss of my brother’s best friend’s sister since we were kids, Princess Meadow Jade Pollack. Meadow’s family has been a second family to us and always will be. Meadow was a ray of sunshine, passionate and beautiful in every way.

I wanted to share a story of good humanity as I made my way down from New York City (covered by NBC below). I arrived to the airport in tears, not a suitcase in hand, encountering two New York State Troopers who directed me to the ticket counter. I spoke with an agent and was told a one-way ticket would cost $700 and be non-negotiable. Minutes later, the state troopers came in to check on me and pulled out two credit cards, paying for my flight. I pleaded for them not to but they said, “It’s already been done. Go be with your family.”

I can’t express the gratitude I have for these two men enough. Spread love, be kind to everyone and always pay it forward. I am so thankful to be with my family at this time as Florida will always be my home. Meadow will forever be in my heart, as will Trooper Troy, Trooper Karasinski and the 16 other victims taken from us too soon.

Full waterworks from me on this one. Huge, huge props to these two troopers. Just zero questions asked from these guys. Zero chance they were taking no for an answer. They saw this poor young woman crying at the airport, learned the situation, and the second they found out she needed help, whipped out their credit cards and laid them down on the counter. I say it every time one of these horrible tragedies takes place and I’ll say it again — for every act of evil, there are thousands and thousands and thousands of acts of goodness, of kindness, of compassion and empathy and selflessness.

This is a good little story showing the positives of humanity to come out of this terrible tragedy, and there are thousands more like it. There always will be.