Linda Holliday Continues to Win the Off-season

Gone fish(netting)ing! ?

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Linda Holliday 2

You’ll have to excuse the inadvertent fishnet pun, but Holy Mackerel. This is where the bar is set, ladies. This is what you’re all shooting for as you hit your mid-50s. Elizabeth Hurley, Sandra Bullock, Linda Holliday. In no particular order. Just establishing a benchmark so incredibly high that no all other women must get into their 50s feeling like they’re Golden Girls.

Look at these photos and laugh in the face of the next guy who tries to suggest Bill Belichick will be done coaching soon. Oh yeah, remember that? Remember that talk from just a couple of weeks ago. That said he was disgusted by the fact Mr. Kraft “forced” him to trade Jimmy Garoppolo? How the owner’s power move caused a … wait for it … “rift” and that he was walking away at end of the season? Right.

I scoffed then and I’m scoffing now. Because this is the result of all that hard work The Hooded One puts in. This is why you lift all them weights. This the result of all those hours of film study. Of breaking down reports from you pro scouting department while your on the treadmill so you can find the next great undrafted free agent languishing on somebody else’s roster. Of scheming new ways to utilize your personnel so you can withstand any injury or free agent loss and keep winning. Because at the end of all that effort, you’re either going to bring home the trophy or the trophy girlfriend. And the good Lord willing, both.

You don’t walk away from the game to spend more time with a woman like Linda Holliday. You stay in the game to win more and earn her affections. You bring her mighty gifts like championship rings because you want to please her. You win on the field so that you and she together win off it. And as the great Jack Donaghy once said, you take your reward. You take your reward.

This bathing suit alone just scored ten points in Super Bowl LIII.