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A New York State Employee Got Suspended From Her Job Because A Video Of Her Arguing With A Flight Attendant Went Viral

NYDN- A state worker’s $95,000-a-year job was in limbo Monday as a video of her threatening the job of a flight attendant — and citing her ties to Gov. Cuomo — exploded across the internet. State officials said Susan Peirez will remain suspended from her job as program director at the State Council on the Arts while they investigate her actions on the Delta Air Lines flight from JFK to Syracuse on Feb. 6.

“State employees are and must be held to the highest standard both professionally and personally,” Ronni Reich, director of public information for the Arts Council, said in a statement. “This employee has been removed from the office and placed on leave until further notice and until the inquiry is resolved.”

Nearly 2 million people have viewed the video of Peirez berating the flight attendant named Tabitha about being seated next to a baby. “I’m not sitting by a crying baby,” she said. At one point, Peirez, a 53-year-old Great Neck resident, mentioned that she works for the governor and tells the flight attendant that “you may not have a job tomorrow.”

The woman that told a flight attendant that she may not have a job tomorrow is now the person that may not have a job tomorrow? Hit the music, Alanis!

We’ve talked about bringing babies on the airplanes countless times on the Podfathers. Granted we talk about a lot of random shit. This week I went into a 5-minute diatribe about how terrified I am the first time I find my unborn son’s first spank sock in about a dozen years. But the bottom line about bringing kids on planes is nobody is happy with it, but that’s just the way it is. Everyone, from the parents to the passengers to the stupid little baby all are praying for the best and have to suck it up. Ol’ Susie Cakes didn’t see it that way and decided to act like a cantankerous bitch, before Tabitha pulled the quick hook on her like Susan was a starter on 3-days rest getting hit hard in Game 7 of the World Series.

The best part of this video is how quick Susan backed down once Tabitha threatened to throw her off the plane. If you drop that you work for the governor and subliminally say you can get someone fired, you better be ready to go ALL IN and deliver on your threat. Grudge Dave level shit. Susan thought she had the trump card by mentioning that the Office of the Governor is mentioned somewhere on her LinkedIn page, but Tabitha dropped a Skip, Reverse, said Uno, then walked it off with a Wild Card Draw 4 before shoving Susan into a bodybag and calmly storing it in the overhead compartment for safe keeping, even though some items may have shifted during the flight.

So a quick note to any other people out there thinking about having a melt down on a plane. If you do, it will be recorded and it will go viral. I don’t know what it is, but people love watching other people act like dickheads on a plane. It’s like a rated G snuff film where everyone at home or work gets off that they aren’t currently flying on a crowded tin can with some random asshole. So if your job isn’t going to appreciate your face and name being plastered all over the internet, throw your headphones in, turn the volume to 10, ask for an extra bag of peanuts, and hope for the best.