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Shout Out To This Soccer Hooligan That Screamed His Team's Songs For 90 Minutes All By Himself On Saturday Even Though The Team Lost 4-1

Loooooove this move out of this crazy fuck. It’s one thing to scream your guts out when you are surrounded by 50,000 like-minded people doing the same shit or when your team (squad?) is mopping the field (pitch?) the entire game (match?) with the other team’s ass (ass?). But to do so as a lone wolf while your team is losing in a sport that doesn’t exactly have a ton of scoring takes guts. Granted, this guy had to know that nobody would fuck with him before, during, or after the game. If you are any type of soccer fan, I feel like you are ready to brawl at any moment’s notice. However if you do shit like this all by yourself, I’m almost expecting you to bite my ear off if I simply approach you with another team’s colors on. There aren’t many things I like about soccer, but the craziness of their fans is at the top of the list alongside rooting for any country you have any remote affiliation with during the World Cup just so you have an excuse to get drunk and those same pictures of the hottest fans in every country we see every 4 years.

Also shout out to the team for coming over and thanking him after the game. I imagine this gesture was made partially to thank him for the support and partially to ensure he isn’t waiting for them in the parking lot after the game to talk about the match.

I’m definitely using that “Love, support” line if I ever meet Kristaps Porzingis. Probably in a British accent too. Not sure why, but it sounds pretty fucking cool.

h/t Mashable