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Secret Service Denies Report That An Agent Tackled A Chinese Security Official Over Nuclear Football Clash

Business InsiderA US Secret Service agent reportedly tackled a Chinese security official during President Donald Trump’s visit to Beijing in November after attempts to block the movement of the “nuclear football.”

The nuclear football, officially known as the president’s emergency satchel, is a black leather briefcase that allows the US president to authorize a nuclear strike while away from a command center. It is carried by a military aide and is supposed to be in close proximity to the president at all times.

But according to a report from the news website Axios, when Trump met with President Xi Jinping in Beijing’s Great Hall of the People, Chinese security blocked the entry of the aide carrying the nuclear football.

As the US delegation started moving into the hall, a Chinese security official “grabbed Kelly,” who pushed away the man’s hand, according to Axios. It was then that a US Secret Service agent apparently tackled the security official to the ground.

I love that the nuclear football is a thing, really adds to the pedigree of the American president. Not only does he run the most dominant military in the history of the world, which was achieved not through tyranny or dictatorship but through democracy and liberty, but he also arrives on Air Force One, and is followed, at all times, by the nuclear football. He’s followed by a mobile command center more powerful, capable, and dangerous than any command center in history. It took Genghis Khan 50 years to kill 10-60 million people; the president’s got a briefcase that could do that in 5 minutes. He could push a button and change the world forever*.

And, important to remember, his button is bigger than anybody else’s. Especially KJU’s bitch ass.

If you get in between the president and the football you’re obviously going down. Duh. Secret Service denies it, but if I see someone messing with the football, I expect being tackled to be the best thing that happens to that person that day. You don’t fuck with the football.

*will never not be incredible that that person is Donald Trump.