Arizona State and Michigan Tech Coaches Chuck Knucks Over The Weekend

Ah, nothing like two coaches throwing some haymakers at each other at the end of the game. Nothing like it in all of sports. Usually it’s just two coaches pointing at each other and yelling shit to each other followed by talking trash in the post-game pressers. But that wasn’t that case when ASU & Michigan Tech met on Saturday night. After Michigan Tech’s 5-3 win over Arizona State the two programs decided it would be a good idea to get in an all-out team on team brawl at center ice after the handshake line.

After the fighting was coming to a close, another one starts up, inciting Greg Powers, the coach of Arizona State to make a b-line over to coach Joe Shawhan of Michigan Tech. Just a couple of hockey guys trying to get in on the action. Both coaches look to at least try to get a punch in. This, in turn, started a whole new brawl with all the players. Once you see coach start throwing haymakers it instantly becomes that scene in Semi Pro when Jackie Moon yells “somebody hit somebody”. You see coach chuckin knucks you better grab the first guy you see and drop the mitts.

Coaches fights would be better than players fights to be honest. Imagine if they let Torts get in to the Flames locker room in 2014? Throw a couple cameras in there and just let the old fashion hockey guys chuck some knucks if they want.

Maybe someone should sign these two up for Rough N Rowdy 3? I’d pay good money to see these guys have another go at each other, on dry ground, mono e mono. ASU’s coach Powers is much younger and would probably have more stamina. But, he was also a tendy. And everyone knows tendys are weirdos and can be soft sometimes. Shawhan has got the old man strength and can definitely throw. He doesn’t have the fancy cabana lifestyle of Powers at ASU, Shawhan has to live in Michigan year round. That stinks. Shawhan definitely would open up as a -160 favorite.

Coaches are usually just former players, so if they want to go, you should let em go. Sometimes it will turn out pretty good.