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Spiking On The Dallas Cowboys Star Is Now Officially My Favorite Lacrosse Celebration Of All Time

(credit to LaxSportsNet on the broadcast)

There have been plenty of great and iconic celebrations throughout the history of lacrosse. It’s just like the old Warren G. Harding quote says, “it’s not worth scoring if you can’t celly big”. But out of all the celebrations there ever were, this one from Villanova’s overtime win over Yale on Saturday may go down in history as the greatest.

In case you’re just waking up from a coma, it’s been quite possibly the best year ever in Philly sports. The Soul won another championship. Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons have the Sixers ready for a playoff run. The Flyers are currently in 3rd place in the Metro and their percentage to get into the playoffs is well above 70% right now. And then, of course, the Philadelphia Eagles men’s professional football team won the Super Bowl. So yeah, pretty solid year all around for the City of Brotherly Love. Meanwhile the Dallas Cowboys only have 2 playoff wins in the last 20 years.

What’s the only thing that could possibly make seeing the Eagles win a Super Bowl worse for Jerry Jones? Hosting the Villanova lacrosse team at your practice facility just a couple weeks later and having them pull off another overtime upset right in your face. And after the OT game winner? Danny Seibel heads straight to the star and dunks all over that piece of shit.


RIP Jerry. And don’t even try to tell me that “nobody cares about lacrosse and there’s no way Jerry even knows about this”. For starters, the Cowboys were very much involved in bringing an MLL team to Frisco this year so clearly Jerruh knows that lacrosse is the sport of the future. Plus his grandson is a big time lax rat so I’m sure at the very least, he was watching this game and then relayed to ol’ grandpa that another Philly team just royally owned their asses. So while it was a savage celebration to begin with, the total disrespect it showed towards Jerry Jones and the entire Dallas Cowboys organization made it that much better. Brings a tear to my eyes.

Elsewhere around college lacrosse this past weekend…

Tehoka And Albany Put On A Damn Clinic In The Carrier Dome

The Albany Great Danes are very much for real this year. Tehoka came out and put up 5 goals in his debut against Syracuse. While most of the eyes were on the freshman all day, Connor Fields also had himself a day and capped it off with this BTB feed to Kyle McClancy to keep the beatdown going.


He also came about a quarter of an inch away from scoring the sickest goal of the season.


Jesus christ what a filth ball. Albany won 15-3.

Pat Spencer Continues To Humiliate Defenders All Across The Nation

The amount of skill at the attack position in college lacrosse is absurd. There’s at least 10 different guys in the country this year who are “must watch” every single game. Sometimes when all the highlights start pouring in, it’s easy to forget about Pat Spencer since he’s not necessarily as flashy as some of the others. Turns out he’s still the best feeder in the nation and is snapping some ankles in the process. I know this clip looks terrible for that defender but Spencer slow plays it perfectly. Gets about half a step past X, sets up one more quick step to his left, slams on the brakes to get the defender caught up in the net, dishes back side and it’s in the back of the net. It doesn’t get any better than that.