Kanye Made A Rare Onstage Appearance Last Night In Los Angeles With Kid Cudi

Cool. I like Kanye. I always wanna know what Kanye’s doing. So it’s cool whenever he pops anywhere and does Kanye things. I’m pretty sure the last time we saw Kanye on stage was again with Kid Cudi back in November. So those two are obviously close pals again. Good vibes all the way around.

But my main takeaway from that video is we are all so so so so fucked. Those people didn’t seem even remotely excited that Kanye Omari West just took the stage. All they wanted to do was get their phones out so they could later show people how cool it was when Kanye Omari West took the stage as opposed to being excited in the moment when Kanye Omari West took the stage. That’s a big difference. The people in that crowd were more excited to post an Instagram story about what happened instead of being excited about what was happening in front of their faces. I realize I sound like an old man yelling at a cloud right now but if I’m ever at a concert where Kanye takes the stage, I’m just gonna shut the fuck up and enjoy the greatness*.

*JK. I’m part of the problem. I can’t help it. My phone would go up instantly and I would record the whole thing. Imagine the amount of Instagram likes and comments a video of Kanye making a surprise appearance at the concert you’re at would get. Omg. We’re doomed.