BAH GAWD - Sweet Chin Music Knockout In An MMA Fight!

Last week it was the muay thai enziguri, and now this? Could it be? Are mixed martial artists realizing that integrating the truest form of fighting (professional wrestling) into their arsenal is the key to success in this sport? It certainly looks that way right now.

I love shit like this. We’ve seen the move before, it’s called a “sidekick” in MMA, and Louis Smolka finished a fight with one a few years back, but I’ll never get tired of seeing Shawn Michael’s whole career justified in a shoot fight. If I could just speak to the fighter that hit this for a second, Kevin “Mr. Nice Guy” Wirth…I’ll gonna be honest. I had no clue who you were before you tuned up the band and kicked your opponent’s teeth down his throat. Now that I do know who you are, you HAVE TO swap out that “Mr. Nice Guy” nickname for “The Heartbreak Kid”. You’ve earned it after this. Maybe even strike Michael’s iconic pose after wins from now on…

Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 4.33.08 PM