JuJu Smith-Schuster Goes to Class in Uniform. #FootballGuy


I have to admit I don’t exactly understand what’s going on here. Is JuJu actually taking classes at USC again? Is he obeying his mother’s wishes? Or is he just throwing in her face like “OK, I showed up in a classroom. Promise kept. Now leave me alone at let me go back to being a universally beloved 21-year-old rising superstar”?

Whatever his intent is, I love it. That’s being a Football Guy. Uniform on. Pads on. Telling everyone in the room to pretend they’re not in a highly stage photo and just ignore the phone. Sending his sainted mom the message that she can take her baby out of the game, but she can’t take the game out of her baby. He probably wears the jersey to bed and kept the pads on while he banged a coed.

This is the kind of self-promotion marketers love. The stuff that makes you Face of the League material just so long as you can play and stay healthy. That gets your team on prime time. I’d be you anything within two years you’ll be hearing “This week on Thursday Night Football, JuJu Smith-Schuster and the Pittsburgh Steelers take on” whomever. Because the world needs fewer college students and more true Football Guys.