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It Would Appear That Emily Ratajkowski Got A New Pair Of Pants

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 10.14.36 AM

How do I know Emily got a new pair of pants? Because that is EXACTLY how I walk down the street when I purchase a new pair of khakis. I’m kinda skinny now and I’ve had to buy new pairs of pants recently. And when I do, I strut down the street just like Emily and pull them bad boys up as high as I can. You need to let the people know. These are new pants and I want the world to see them. You need to stunt and Emily Rata is stunting in that video. It’s empowering. This is yet another step forward in the #BodyPositive movement. It’s Emily’s body and Emily’s instagram account. If she wants to use it to show off her fantastic new pair of pants (and her accompanying buns), who are we or anyone else to say boo? Again, #BodyPositive #NewPairOfPants #CitySass. I’m all for it. Eat your heart out, Britt McHenry.