Tiger Was All Over The Map Today And Posted A 1-over 72

Alright it’s the third tourney back for Tiger, second official Tour event. We’ve got a decent sample size to worth with and today Tiger added to it. It’s starting to take shape what kind of Tiger Woods we’re dealing with in 2018.


He’s healthy. Once again, Tiger took plenty of aggressive lashes to get out of some thick spots and looked good doing it. The back is not currently an issue AT ALL, which is huge. Massive. That was the biggest question mark entering this comeback and it appears to have been answered emphatically.

Tiger is healthy.


Ehhhhhhhhh, better not great. Tiger hit 8/14 fairways but the ones he missed he MISSED. On his second hole of the day (the 11th), he hit one so far right into some trees that it never came down. Literally never. Had to go back to the tee — made double.

He hit 8 fairways but a few were with irons. The driver was hit or miss and the misses were wayyyyyyyy right. He’s dropping down a lot in the transition, getting stuck, and spraying it.

Needs to tidy that up.

Iron Play

Tiger hit 7 greens. Not good. He’s always been able to rely on this part of the game so we’ll chalk it up as just a weird day.

7 greens but 5 birdies? Imagine if we hit 18 greens.

Short Game

Very, very solid. This means a lot — short game was relatively awful in the Bahamas, but was much better at Torrey and great today. Good sign going forward. Tiger’s always been able to grind through shitty rounds and post respectable numbers with his magic around the greens.

If he’s got that, and his health, he’s never out of it.


Very good. The putting stroke has looked great this entire return and today was no exception. His pace is good. His lines are good. That’s a hell of a combination.


Social media game on the up and up. Good sign.

And, again, he had 5 birdies. At a course where low numbers are rare and he hit just 7 greens, 5 birdies is strong.

And the 10th. The 10th is one of the most unique and compelling holes on the PGA Tour. It’s reachable for everyone in the field yet yields an arsenal of different scores.

Tiger played it expertly to kick off the day.



Today was not great but there are some positives to take out of it. And we’re just 1-over, currently just 5 back. Not out of it.

3:02 PM EST tomorrow. Can’t wait.