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The Karate Kid Sequel Looks Fantastic

If there’s one unbreakable, immutable rule of all pop culture entertainment, it’s that you can’t wait too long to do a reunion. Once your movie series ends or your TV show goes off the air, the clock starts ticking. Time and tide waiteth for no man, fictional or otherwise. That’s why the Seinfeld reunion on Curb Your Enthusiasm was such a disappointment. Why the new seasons of The X-Files weren’t worth the time. If you’re watching Fuller House, I’m embarrassed for you. And don’t get me going on Blues Brothers 2000. I was never a Will & Grace guy, but that would appear to be doing well, that would put the cutoff formula at 11 years between final installment and reboot, maximum. (Seinfeld to Curb was 12 years.)

And yet … I am all in on Cobra Kai. This will be the one that breaks the 11 year rule, I can feel it in my plums. First of all, Danny and Johnny had all sorts of unresolved issues. Not the least of which is Johnny becoming his best friend and biggest supporter at the end of Karate Kid I, literally less than a minute after trying to put him in a body bag.

Second, they look great. It would sad and pathetic if Ralph Macchio went to pot after My Cousin Vinny or William Zabka spent the last 30 years cashing checks from ComicCons. But they totally look like they’ve aged well. And you can totally buy that they would hold onto the training of their teenaged years and want to impart that wisdom to a new generation. To continue the struggle of Good and Evil. Miyagi vs. Kreese. Altruism vs. violence. “Strike hard, strike first, no mercy” vs. “Paint the fence, wax on/wax off,” just battling it out for eternity like the good side and dark side of the Force.

Good lord, it looks so awesome it can’t be released soon enough. This one time, I’m glad someone put the band back together.