Our Very First Look At 'Incredibles 2' Was...Wait For It...INCREDIBLE

As you know by now, I’m a bit of a nut for superhero movies. When I was a kid, you could put me smack dab in front of a television with your pick of a hero in tights on the screen, give me a few action figures, and I was good to go for hours. Still rings true! When I was six years old, Disney/Pixar came out with an animated superhero film called ‘The Incredibles’ and it captured my imagination like no other movie from the studio did before. Sure, I loved ‘Toy Story’, and ‘Monsters Inc’, and ‘Finding Nemo’, and even ‘A Bug’s Life’, but everyone did! Those movies were – and are – universally loved, instant-classics that were in the regular movie rotation for almost every kid my age at that point. ‘The Incredibles’ then came along and felt like a movie made SPECIFICALLY for me. It combined my love of Disney/Pixar with my love of superheroes, and my older brother and sister, who I made sit through ‘The Phantom Menace’ and ‘Batman And Robin’ countless times, were always down to watch it! I had Incredibles sheets, pillows, comforters, toys, you name it, I had it.

I always longed for the day that we’d see the Parr family return to take on the “The Underminer” that appears as a cliffhanger of the first flick, but as I got older, I realized that was probably more of a metaphorical “our heroes will keep on fighting for the city” thing over a “don’t worry, the sequel is coming” thing. That all changed a few years ago when this was announced, however, and that all REALLY changed last night, when we got our first true look at the movie and started to see what happens in our long awaited confrontation between Mr. Incredible and The Underminer…and it’s uhhh…


Bob gets his ass kicked, and by proxy, gets superheroes banned Dark Knight Returns style! NOT GREAT BOB!!!

Some time in the future, Saul (((mothafuckin))) Goodman decides to bring back Elastigirl on her own, probably as a weapon of a governmental agency (she’s got a sick suit), and ol’ Bob Parr has to raise Jack Jack as a stay-at-home father. I *clap emoji* AM *clap emoji* THERE *clap emoji* FOR *clap emoji* THAT *clap emoji*! Of course, there’s a small part of me saying, “The first Incredibles’ biggest strength is how well the family worked together combining their powers! It was the best Fantastic Four movie of all time! Don’t make this a solo Elastigirl movie!” but the other part of me who has a brain knows we’ll get plenty of that when everyone in this universe realizes banning superheroes was dumb and we’re gonna need them all back to defeat whoever the Earth’s new biggest baddie is. Plus, you can’t just retread the first one with a different villain in place of Syndrome. You can do that with certain superheroes and it works just fine, but I think from seeing the first movie that the whole dynamic and appeal of The Incredibles is the family itself. I’m confident that they know what they’re doing.

Let the countdown to June 15th begin.