Prince Henrik of Denmark Dies, Refused To Be Buried Next To His Queen Because She Wouldn't Name Him King

CNNPrince Henrik of Denmark died Tuesday with his wife, Queen Margrethe, at his side. But he will not be buried in the plot next to hers, breaking a centuries-old royal tradition.

The 83-year-old prince, who was hospitalized in January with a lung infection after being diagnosed with dementia last September, had previously said he did not wish to be buried beside his wife over the refusal to name him king.

The French-born prince has been unhappy with his title since being named prince consort — rather than king consort — upon the couple’s marriage in 1967.

Wait wait wait this dude marries the queen and they don’t call him king? What? Denmark has been calling the queen’s husband “prince” for 51 years? That’s the most disrespectful shit I’ve ever heard. Like yeah I’ll marry you and bang you but you’re not my equal. I’m the queen you’re just a prince. What is that? Relax Cersei. I’m a big royalty guy and I’ve never heard of such a thing. You can’t drag a guy through through the entire royal ceremony, the royal marriage, the royal pageantry that comes with marrying a damn queen… and not call him king. Unacceptable. No shit Henrik doesn’t want to be buried next to her. Doesn’t want to be buried anywhere near her. Poor guy’s been emasculated for 51 years because his wife won’t call him what he wants her to call him, you think he’s now going to spend all of eternity lying next to her?

Yeah right. I’m all in on King Henrik posthumously telling Denmark to suck it.

Oh did I hear you guys have a tradition over hundreds and hundreds of years of burying the queen and her spouse in a tomb next to each other? Take my body as far away as possible and cremate me.