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Lavar Ball Performs "Hate Me Now" vs. Lonzo Ball On Lip Sync Battle

Lavar Hate Me Now

Lonzo Bad and Boujee

“Theres only 2 bad suckas…and I keep tellin him…I’m Both. Of. Them.”

Its almost like somehow Nas and Puff made Hate Me Now back in 1999 specifically for Lavar Ball in the year 2018. Like they had a glimpse into the future and knew they needed to make an anthem for the haters for Lavar. All these weak jealous motherfuckers walking around hating on the Ball Family? Die motherfucker die motherfucker DIE. We all already know that in his prime, Lavar would mop the floor with MJ on the court. Now I’m thinking he could perhaps be the greatest MC of all time? Top 5 dead or alive and thats just off 1 Lip Sync Battle appearance. Once I saw him do that jump in the air with his legs pedaling I was basically thinking it goes Reggie, Jay Z, 2pac and Biggie, Andre from Outkast, Jada, Kurupt, Nas and then Lavar. The showmanship…the swagger…the bedazzled BBB shirt down to his knees…the baggy (probably) Fubu jeans…theres nothing he cant do. And poor Lonzo is actually trying to become a rapper and his dad just grabs a mic, flashes those yellow baked bean teeth and blows him out of the water as an entertainer. Stupendous. Its only a matter of time before he’s going platinum in Lithuania. “Hate Me Now” is probably just reaching that country now. As far as they are concerned its a Lavar original.

So, professional sports, CHECK. Music industry, CHECK. Next up – the Hollywood big screen. You can hate him now, but he wont stop now.