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Johnny Manziel Signs With the Spring League and Will Finally Return to the Football Field in Late March #ComebackSzn

#ComebackSzn. The Johnny Manziel train continues to push full speed ahead. First the media tour he did recently to talk about how much he’s fucked up over the last few years and how he’s finally back to being dedicated to football. Now the next step, actually getting back on the field. There were a ton of people a year ago who never thought he’d sign a contract with anyone again in regards to football. Lots of people probably thought he’d be dead now and picked him in their death pools. The Spring League may not be the most prestigious of things in the world, but for Johnny I think this is big news.

The Spring League starts on March 28th and lasts around two weeks. Last year it featured players like Fred Jackson, Kellen Winslow, and Ahmad Bradshaw. It’s not completely irrelevant and it’ll be a good stage for scouts to see if he still has it in him to hurl that pill around the field. Around two dozen players from last year’s league, the first year of it’s creation, were invited to NFL mini-camps. Turner Sports will stream the games in some capacity it appears, thought it’s not detailed where exactly yet. Right now there are game’s scheduled for Johnny’s “South” team for April 7th and the 14th.

I’m absolutely in belief Johnny will be back in the NFL at this point. He’s only 25 and finally has his head on straight with the right support behind him. If you look back at the 2017-2018 NFL’s quarterbacks who had to step into starting roles because of injury then you can absolutely see Johnny being among that crop. If you’ve got guys like Paxton Lynch, Bryce Petty, Kevin Hogan, David Fales, Nathan Peterman, even Brett Hundley taking real life game snaps then Johnny came be there too. Will it happen this year? I guess that all depends how he looks in the Spring League to start and then we can go from there. I think there’s a decent shot, granted he stays clean, that he can get an NFL mini-camp invite this Summer and I’ll be all-in on this Spring League to see him return.