Utah Elementary School Forcing Girls To "Say Yes" When Asked To Dance At Valentine's Day Dance

Fox NewsA Utah mother is concerned after finding out her child couldn’t reject a classmate’s invitation to dance at a Valentine’s Day school party because it would be against school rules…

…The daughter’s teacher, however, confirmed to Richard that, in fact, her daughter “has to say yes” and “has to accept” such a proposal.

Still concerned, Richard took her plight to the school principal — who “basically just said they’ve had this dance set up this way for a long time and they’ve never had any concern before.”

A spokesperson for the Weber School District told the news station that in an effort to “promote kindness” the administration wants students “to say yes when someone asks you to dance.”

A couple things here.

1. Utah is a weird fucking place. Weird shit happens in Utah and we as a country just sort of turn a blind eye to it. So you have to take everything that comes out of there with a grain of salt.

2. These kids are screwed. Rejection is a very important part of life. An important lesson. Everybody has to experience rejection and understand how to handle it, how to respond to it, how to bounce back from it, how to make some halftime adjustments so you can avoid future rejections. These kids are just going to grow up thinking you can simply pick whoever you want to do what you want with you? Come on. That ain’t even close to reality nor is it in anyway going to help these kids going forward. “Promote kindness”? Uhhh how about you promote reality. These poor kids are now going to roll into high school, into college with absolutely zero game. You begin at elementary and middle school dances crafting your game to learn how to get a “yes” out of chicks. Not in a creepy way but in a thoughtful, creative way unique to you. You learn how to play to and promote your strengths in order to appear attractive to the opposite sex which sets you up with more acceptance and less rejection. These poor boys are going to roll into their first college party, see a hot chick, drop the timeless “you wanna get out of here?”, then start bawling crying when she says no and laughs in his face. Kid will be scarred for life. And embarrassed. He’ll never get laid nor will he ever get respect because he’ll forever be the weirdo that cried at the party after Hot Molly wouldn’t go home with him 4 seconds into it.

Not his fault, it’s Utah’s fault. It’s this dumb school’s fault. You cannot force girls to say yes; you’re setting everyone involved up for failure before they even make it to middle school.

Such an injustice. Such a disservice to children… think about the children.