If You Tell Will Smith He Can't Do Something He's Going To Immediately And Loudly Prove You Wrong

A few days ago Will Smith posted this video of him playing some steel drums and mixing in a couple lyrics to “La Bamba” every now and then. He was trying to multitask, which is never simple, and there was no time to sing all of the words. We’ve all been there. Well, apparently this caused a stir in his mentions and people were calling him out, saying he doesn’t know the words, calling him a poser, saying “Bright” wasn’t good. All sorts of hurtful things. Well, Will decided to put those nasty rumors to rest.

Whoever told Will Smith he didn’t know the words to “La Bamba” has to feel like the dumbest person on the planet right now. You call out 99% of the world for not knowing the words to “La Bamba” and you’re going to be correct. “La Bamba” isn’t a sing a long type of tune. It was specifically made to be yelled along to with various noises until it’s time to scream La Bamba. That’s the only part of the song anyone who isn’t fluent in Spanish knows. I was honestly impressed he knew as many of the lyrics as he did in the first video. Then he puts on this powerhouse performance, forever dunking on the many haters and losers in his mentions.

Hopefully people got the memo: come at the Fresh Prince you best not miss. No need to get further embarrassed moving forward.