Shaun White Wins Gold at the Winter Olympics And Continues To Do Things That Are Impossible

What a fucking super star. Dude just did back to back 1440s (spinning 4 times in row, yes I had to do the math) like it was no problem. He had to beat a 95.5 for the gold and he did just that with a 97.75 on his final run. After not medaling in Sochi this was a big, big deal for the Flying Tomato to come back in 2018 and win Gold. You could see how much it meant to him as he was crying with his parents after his score was announced.

It’s been a long, long four years and I’m sure it ate away at him, just waiting for that moment with one man to beat, one score to beat for the victory. He suffered that brutal injury back in October where I thought he was seriously injured and required 60+ stitches, but White bounced back, qualified, and took home the gold tonight like the legend that he is. The man just gets better and better every four years we see him. I swear he’s been snowboarding for my entire lifetime.

I honestly thought his first run was worthy of a gold meal, but he topped it on the 3rd run no doubt about it. Now again, I am no snowboarding expert by any means, but how the hell was this first one not a perfect score? If I spin around four times on flat surface on my own two fit I get dizzy. Shaun White does it while 30 or so feet in the air and lands it no problem. I know Dave doesn’t think these guys are athletes, but come on! If you can do this stuff 30 feet in the air time after time you’re an athlete.

The real answer for the lower score was because he didn’t do it twice. Which I guess the judges knew he was saving for his final run. Shaun White is ridiculous.

Now for time some Gold Medal Mountain Dews