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What’s up it’s me Trent blogging some hoops. Not just any hoops. You won’t catch me blogging anything but the best hoop moments. Every time Vince Carter dunks a basketball through a hoop, that’s a fucking unreal hoops moment. You are reading the words of the official Whenever Vince Carter Dunks Over The Age Of 40 beat writer. So here I am. It’s a legit miracle he can still do it. Although maybe not. If there were a draft of NBA players who you’d guess would be able to dunk into their 40s, Vinsanity would be a top-3 draft pick. Vince even had a little cheese on that fastball too (not a hoops reference FYI). He had a some air time to spare. I look forward to blogging Vince Carter dunks well into his 60s.

PS- please picture Father Time getting dunked on by Vince Carter any time he dunks from here on out. Here’s a picture of Father Time to help you out with the visual

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 9.58.39 PM