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Did You Hear Warren Buffett Will Give 1 Billion Dollars to Anyone Who Fills Out a Perfect Bracket? This Is How I Will Win:


Business Insider - Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway and Dan Gilbert’s Quicken Loans are partnering to award anyone who fills out a perfect 2014 Men’s NCAA Tournament bracket with $1 billion. The prize will be paid out in 40 annual installments of $25 million. If there’s more than one winner they’ll have to share. The winner or winners can also take or split up an immediate $500 million lump sum payment. “It is our mission to create amazing experiences for our clients. This contest, with the possibility of creating a billionaire, definitely fits that bill,” Jay Farner, President and Chief Marketing Officer of Quicken Loans said in a statement. He added: “We’ve seen a lot of contests offering a million dollars for putting together a good bracket, which got us thinking, what is the perfect bracket worth? We decided a billion dollars seems right for such an impressive feat.” In addition to the grand prize, Quicken will award $100,000 each to the contest’s 20 most accurate ‘imperfect’ brackets submitted by qualified entrants in the contest to use toward buying, refinancing or remodeling a home. Quicken will also donate $1 million to inner-city Detroit and Cleveland non-profit organizations. Quicken is based in Detroit, but Gilbert owns the Cleveland Cavaliers and the city’s Horseshoe Casino. The odds are not ideal — a 1 in 9.2 quintillion chance.

1 in 9.2 quintillion?

I am in an idea mood today. Ideas flying through my brain a million miles a minute. This is the easiest contest ever. How you ask? Uhh China, ever heard of it? They have about 9 trillion extra people over there. A never ending supply of people. All I need to do is pay each kid 2 dollars and they fill out a bracket. Write up some paperwork, have them draw their little pictures to sign it, and the rights to the billion dollars belong to me. No rules were broken. I never filled out multiple brackets. It’s just like in Willy Wonka when Veruca’s dad has his factory tearing open Wonka Bars. I’m going to rent a warehouse of tiny Chinese children picking 12 seeds over 5 seeds, and then a few million brackets later, I’m rich.