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Someone Did a Study to Find Out Why People Like Marvel Movies Better Than DC

AdWeekAccording to a study done by automated market research tech provider ZappiStore, the success of Marvel at the box office and beyond can be linked to the viewer’s emotional engagement with the superheroes during a Marvel movie trailer.

ZappiStore was able to test a viewer’s emotional engagement with a series of Marvel and DC movie trailers by using a facial coding and emotion recognition platform called Affectiva. … to measure viewer emotional engagement and find out which elements impacted performance of the trailers, including how much the respondents “loved” the trailer, how well the trailer grabbed their attention, and how likely respondents were to share the trailer on social media.

ZappiStore says the data shows the DC trailers received a positive response from their special effects and explosive action, rather than from their characters. However, fans show a strong affinity toward Marvel’s superheroes and react positively toward its trailers’ humor, driving the higher levels of emotional engagement with its trailers.

This study actually proves something else entirely. That there no subject too blatantly obvious that someone won’t still through millions of dollars and waste thousands of man hours to study it.

I swear someday I’m going to start a research firm named Common Sense Marketing or No Shit Research and charge companies half of what the other firms do to tell them stuff that requires no scientific study of any kind. I won’t need facial coding or emotional recognition platforms. I’ll just rely on what a lifetime of comic nerddom and everyone’s own eyes tell me.

People like Marvel movies because they’re the shit. People hate DC movies because they are shit.

With the exception of Wonder Woman, which was one of the best movies of the genre,parts of Justice League and the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight films which stand alone as the work of a great director, the DCU is dreary. Bleak, self-serious, funless dreck. As someone said before, Zach Snyder’s films have a palette of three colors: dark grey, darker grey, and fire.

In Batman v Superman alone I lost track of how many “action” scenes ended with somebody jumping up in bed because it was all a dream. I’m pretty sure there was one bed jump within a bed jump like it was Inception. But you can’t go by my memory because I repressed most of it under a nerd rage.

Whereas Marvel is doing something incredible. They’ve taken the superhero construct to do dozens of entirely unique genre movies. Captain America is a WWII movie. Captain America: Winter Soldier is a ’70s spy thriller. Thor is Shakespearean drama. Thor: Ragnarok is an action buddy comedy with the Goldblumiest Jeff Goldblum ever. Deadpool is an R-rated comedy. Hell, they even managed to take the lamest superhero ever created, Ant-Man, and make him plausible and put him into a great heist movie.

Meanwhile, DC is taking the best superhero of all time, Batman, and sucking the life out him by insisting on telling us the goddamned story of how Thomas and Martha Wayne were killed in an alley. Just in case, you know, there’s some Tibetan Sherpa or tribe member in the Amazon somewhere who hasn’t heard why Bruce wanted to grow up to fight crime by now.

Again, you don’t need some useless tech to tell you that there, Howard Stark. Next time, just ask your pal Jer. There. Now pay me.