Esteban Loaiza Got Busted With 44 Pounds Of Heroin And Cocaine. Not Great!

Former major league pitcher and 20-game winner Esteban Loaiza is in some deep shit, folks. Forty-four fuckin’ pounds of coke and heroin! Damn, dude. Apparently he had fallen on some hard times, because news reports are suggesting that he couldn’t even make bail, which was set at $200,000. That might seem like a lot to you and me, but Loaiza made north of $43 million over his 14 major league seasons between the Pirates, Rangers, White Sox, Blue Jays, A’s, Dodgers, Nationals and Yankees.

My first thought when I saw this report was, “Yeah, you can’t do that.” Definitely, most certainly, absolutely cannot get caught with 44 pounds of cocaine and heroin. That’s a big no-no. Day one stuff, really. It makes you think, though. You’ve got these guys who play professional sports, and they think they have an endless supply of money, that their pro careers will last forever, but then you get released by a couple of teams, then teams stop calling in regards to your services, and then next thing you know you’ve become a drug kingpin to make ends meets.

It’s sad to see, honestly. Some retired ballplayers end up with jobs at Barstool Sports making dick jokes on digital baseball shows, and some end up slinging coke and heroin. Life comes at you fast.