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Big Day For Nick Saban's Machine At University Of Alabama As They Are Granted A Patent For A Sideline Tent

Crazy what can happen when a bunch of rednecks put their heads together. Look at what they came up with: a damn tent.

This is a great day for Nick Saban’s reign over college football. Now everytime a team wants to put up an injury tent on the sideline, there will be money indirectly put into Alabama’s pocket. Here is a link to the patent for those of you who are nerds and interested in something like that. After reading through it, I noticed that there is no mention of the most interesting aspect of the SidelinER at Alabama: concussion healing powers. Multiple players go in each Saturday a bit woozy and leave “ready to go,” truly fascinating stuff.

It makes sense that Alabama doesn’t want to let that secret go, but some already say it’s out. Russell Wilson is so damn good at it that he doesn’t even need to go into the tent:

Science in 2018 is wild, wild stuff. All it takes to recover from a concussion is a sidelinER and saying “I’m fine.”

All in all, this is great news for the Alabama machine. If the whole football thing doesn’t work out for them, they can make a few nickels and dimes off of this.

P.s. How long until UCF claims this patent is theirs? 

P.s.s. Jokes. 

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