Marquis Flowers is Extra Salty with His Media Critics

Ouch. Sick burn by Marquis Flowers. He might be a former 6th round pick and a depth guy who saw less than a quarter of the Patriots defensive snaps in the Super Bowl and yet somehow found himself in solo coverage on Zach Ertz with a championship on the line. But that doesn’t mean he’s going to suffer fools gladly. Criticize him, Mr. Man With All the Answers, and he’s going to shoot back with a full clip and then throw the empty gun at you. Especially when you’ve been with fewer capital-W Women than Belichick has been to Super Bowls.

I think my favorite part of this is that it’s been up for hours now and no one from the Patriots had made Flowers take it down. Which might just mean they don’t know about it yet. But maybe it’s a sign that the organization is going to lighten up about letting their players express themselves more after seeing how a much more open and looser Eagles team just brought a Lombardi trophy back to Philly. Or that they’ve had it after all the bullshit that’s been thrown at them over the past season and are letting everyone go full Trump on social media. Then again, maybe it just means they don’t care what Marquis Flowers says because he’s not going to be around much longer.

The one thing we do know is that Belichick has been to 11 Super Bowls. So if you’re a reporter who hasn’t been with as many Women as that, there’s no shame in it. Especially when (no offense to Greg Bedard) you see what your typical football writer looks like. Keep doing you, Marquis.

P.S. I still can’t believe Malcolm Butler didn’t play. It’s hitting me more with each passing day. Goddammit.