Has The Guy Who Half Assed It Dancing With The North Korea Cheer Squad Been Executed Yet?

So this video is all the rage right now. The North Korean dance squad just going ham during the Olympics. But what should have been a glorious moment for the Totalitarian regime was marred by the one dude who just wasn’t having it. Just a total half assed effort from this guy. I’ve never seen a less enthusiastic participant in a group dance before in my life. Bro if you are going to sit there you need to be either all in or all out. That was one of the most unpatriotic displays these eyes have ever seen. So even though I am generally anti murder I don’t think I’d hold it again Kim Jong Un if he executed the shit out of this guy. Like I think it’s pretty well understood in North Korea that you Dance or die. So don’t cry to me when you get killed for just not being that into it. It’s the Olympics. Need the A game at all times.