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South Korean Double Sunglasses Guy Is Already The Runaway Star Of The Olympics

Find me a man that is more of a product of his environment than South Korean Double Sunglasses Guy. You can’t (and don’t you DARE call him by his real name). What SKDSG did in that 5 second clip will live on way longer than anything else from these Olympics. I’m not just saying that because the time difference in these Olympics fuck up the brains of idiots like myself that feel like every event is on tape delay because it is night outside here while there is daylight there. Or because NBC is again acting like a bunch of dickheads for taking down peoples’ videos on Twitter because weird ass Olympics sports that people care about for 2 weeks every 4 years apparently don’t need any help growing virally through social media. If this guy pulled off the first ever quadruple lutz, scored a perfect 10 in every figure skating event he was in, and piled up more gold than all of the leprechauns of Mobile Alabama combined, he still wouldn’t be as big of a hit as he is for pulling this move. That’s just the world we live in.

I mean I can’t remember one good moment from the 2012-13 Lakers season that happened on the court. Steve Nash was a bust, Kobe and Dwight hated each others’ guts, and the Lakeshow got their shit pushed in by the Spurs during a first round 4-0 sweep. But that season was a ROUSING success for one reason and one reason only. That was when Lakers Sunglass Bros came into our lives.


Yeah people like Red Gerard that will do shit that will blow our minds as records fall, heroes are made, and the IOC’s bribe number rises. But South Korean Double Sunglasses Guy will forever live on the internet when a reaction gif of Big Cat or The Office simply won’t do. As the old saying goes, heroes get remembered, but gifs never die.

Current Olympics Power Rankings:

1. South Korean Double Sunglasses Guy
2. Red Gerard
3. Donnie (The fact Barstool is going to have BY FAR the best Olympics coverage without a press pass or ticket to any event just shows how good Donnie is at his job. Barstool may be worth $200 million by Closing Ceremonies thanks to Donnie alone. Shit, Donnie should probably be Number 1 in these power rankings, huh?).

P.S. Not to sound like an old movie critic snob, but the movie Airplane! is soooooo fucking good and doesn’t get enough love when talking about classic comedies. It is a Must Watch to any of the younger Stoolies that has never seen it but enjoys the nonsense spewed out here on Barstool on a daily basis.