Brett Favre Created the Now Super Popular R.P.O. (Run Pass Option) Out of Boredom in Practice

Now it makes sense Favre spoke to the Eagles before the Super Bowl. He was giving them a little RPO advice. Does Brett get a ring now?

No it wasn’t Cam Newton. No it wasn’t Mike Vick. No it wasn’t Carson Wentz. The now ever so popular RPO (run pass option) play in the NFL was created by none other than the gunslinger Brett Favre…OUT OF BOREDOM. Dude was just fucking around in practice trying to trick Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila into jumping and eliminate him from a run play and it turned into the basis of the 2017-2018 Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl winning offense.

It’s pure genius. Favre would orchestrate a repeated run throughout a game with a lone receiver on the opposite side of the field. Instead of having that receiver go and block, he’d tell him to run a route. Eventually the DB would give up that the route was real when he saw the look the offense was giving. At that point in the game Favre would use his pure quarterback genius and improvisation skills to get the receiver the ball for a big play. Now in the year 2018 this concept is used as the basis for the modern day offense in football. Philly ran it all year with Wentz and Foles, the Panthers ran it with Cam, it’s everywhere. Going into next year if you’re not using it you’re basically a dinosaur.

Unbelievable we just assumed this was an idea that came about us just the last few years, but it was Favre who thought of it all the way back in his old playing days in the mid 2000’s. Because he was BORED!!

I bet if we look back into some old film there are some hilarious interceptions from Favre on some of these RPOs. Thinking the DB was asleep meanwhile the ball was thrown right to the defender. Mike Sherman calls a nice little run to the left and the next moment Favre throws a pick and it’s going back to the house. Those must have been fun convos on the sideline.

(h/t) r/nfl