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I Am Already Getting Emotional About Paul Pierce Day Tomorrow

Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics

To be honest, I was going to wait until tomorrow to post this blog, but as I started to put it together I got emotional, and I figured why hold off. With Paul Pierce’s jersey retirement tomorrow it’s a day my generation of Celtics fans will never forget. Finally, we have one in the rafters. My whole life being told by my Dad and the old guys in our section about all the greats that currently lived up there in all their glory, I always wondered if I would ever have a Celtics legend of my own.

Paul Pierce was not a perfect player. He wasn’t always easy to deal with and even came damn close to demanding a trade out of Boston. But at the end of the day, he’s a true Celtics legend. A no doubt Hall Of Fame player, the best way I sum up Pierce’s time in Boston was for people my age, he was our Larry Bird. Not the same player, but just as important. I tuned into Celtics games to watch Paul Pierce play. With the game on the line, I wanted the ball in Pierce’s hands (it’s where I first developed my hated for the clog the toilet isolation pullup jumper).

If I had to guess, Pierce probably has more of an importance for us than outsiders looking in. To that I say good, fuck you people, this is going to be our day to honor our legend.  If you don’t know already, here is where Pierce ranks among Celtics greats

3rd in games played – 1,102

2nd in points – 24,021

3rd in field goals – 7,882

1st in 3PM – 1,823

5th in assists – 4,305

7th in rebounds – 6,651

1st in steals – 1,583

3rd in minutes – 40,360

1st in FTM – 6,434

4th in blocks – 668

3rd in career points per game – 21.8

3rd in win shares – 138.4

2nd in offensive win shares – 81.6

2nd in value over replacement – 58.4

And come tomorrow, there will never be another Celtics #34. Sure there will be some that will talk about he was only successful once he got help and all this other Pierce slander, but I honestly can’t even hear them. I’ve spent the entire day running through these clips, so I encourage you to do the same. Paul Pierce was the greatest Celtic of my lifetime to date, and I can’t wait for tomorrow’s festivities

Do you have a personal favorite Pierce memory? Let’s talk about it