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UPDATE - Yoel Romero Officially Misses Weight For Tomorrow's UFC Interim Middleweight Championship Fight

For fuck’s sake Yoel. THREE POUNDS?! C’mon man.

Alright, so here’s what happens – Yoel Romero now has 2 hours to drop three pounds and make the 185lb limit for tomorrow night’s UFC Interim Middleweight Championship fight with Luke Rockhold. It’s a bit of a big ask, but with two full hours, it’s not out of reach. He can go into a sauna, hop on a bicycle/treadmill (or elliptical if he wants in on the #gang), and sweat out a bunch of weight. It’s been done before. If he’s successful, the fight goes on as planned and nothing changes. If he’s not, Luke Rockhold (who made weight) will get two options presented to him:

1. Turn down the fight. He doesn’t have to step into the octagon with someone overweight if he doesn’t want to.
2. Accept the fight. He’ll still be fighting for the UFC Interim Middleweight Championship, but Yoel will not. So basically, the same scenario we had back in November of 2016 with Anthony Pettis and Max Holloway.

I’ll return to this blog when Yoel Romero one again steps on the scale to update you guys on the situation. Tomorrow, as always, I’ll have my preview of the card. Make sure to check back here in a bit.

UPDATE: Yoel Romero missed weight again on the re-attempt. 187.7. Wasn’t even able to cut a pound, sooooooo not even close. YIKES! If Rockhold’s taking the fight, he will become UFC Interim Middleweight Champion upon victory. If he loses, however, Yoel Romero will not obtain the championship. He’s ineligible for the title. After how fucking douchey Rockhold was to friend of the program Megan Olivi in this interview though (and yeah yeah, I know he was drained and whatnot), I sorta really want Yoel to beat him so we can rid ourselves of another unneeded Interim title. Unlikely now that we’re looking at someone so dehydrated that they couldn’t cut three extra pounds, or one even.

UPDATE #2: After negotiations that went much, MUCH longer than expected, Luke Rockhold has agreed to take the fight. Probably held the UFC up for more money, as their entire PPV relies on this fight. Mark Hunt is the only big name outside of Rockhold/Romero, and he’s not getting any casual fans to pay $65 for a decent fight card at this stage in his career.